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Before you read this review you might want to watch this video.  Unlike commercials where they PAY people to promote their products, this video is real everyday people just like you.  They lost up to 300 lbs but now have 2 people who have lost 400 lbs.


What do Medical Doctors say – their review of Isagenix?

A review of Isagenix:  Do you ever get sick and tired of seeing the before and after weight loss photos of celebrities on commercials??   I tried every program out there, Weight Watchers lots of times and actually ended up in hospital after doing a new program that was “promoted” by a well known gym .  I spent $1,000’s of dollars in gyms with personal trainers too.

2010 is the year that someone gave me a review about Isagenix.  He showed me a book full of before and after photos of people who had tried Isagenix.  But the difference in this conversation with this man, was he WAS NOT trying to sell me something.  He listened to my story.   His whole family had used a program and it worked for him.  Well my BS radar went up real fast, but I thought hey..what if.

So I went to a meeting to meet other people who used the products, then over the months I went to a bigger meeting and then finally went to a massive convention with over 10,000 people in it.  My belief window was in high gear.  I met a lady who had lost 400 lbs, hundreds of people who lost 100 lbs and thousands and thousands of people who had lost up to 100 lbs.

So on with my story about

Why I don’t like Isagenix 

Are you looking for something negative about Isagenix?  Here is my biggest beef.  I could have saved 1,000’s of dollars if I had found it earlier.  I lost weeks, months and years of my life trying to find a solution to lose weight and feel better.  I became very bitter and did not trust anyone who offered me a solution.  Isagenix made my life easier.  I knew all I had to do was mix my whey protein shake in my blender and drink it and I knew that I was starting my day off right.


The simple truth is that it took that long to find something that not only helped me to lose weight, but to also feel healthy again.  I have suffered with a variety of health conditions which left me tired, unable to sleep, and feeling twice my age.  From the first week I noticed a difference in my energy level.  My stomach was not upset like it usually was after breakfast, AND I slept better.  I could actually go on long trips in the car without complaining of my stomach upsets.  My family and friends noticed a difference, and most of all I slowly began to change everything that I ate.  Since I started I have been contacted by thousands of people from Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand and these are only some of the countries where it is sold.  When you can truly believe what a product can do, your one step closer.  Using it for six years has made me a life time believer.

I only wish I could find more people who would take just five minutes to look over some of the information I have to offer.  It could be life changing.  I know it was for me.

Check out my website and see for yourself.  Buy from someone you know and trust, Google my name and see who I am.  I am a genuine, hardworking individual.  Married for over 42 years, and a Grandmother of 3.  What have you got to lose?  You can BUY now or you can phone me with no obligation to buy.

Are you getting this kind of nutrition in your diet?  Review of Isagenix shakes below

review of Isagenix

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