What is the 30 day diet?

The 30 day diet is a healthy meal replacement program which includes intermittent fasting which has proven results unlike any other company.  The 30 Day diet promotes Isagenix as it is the healthiest program and I use it. Not just any meal replacement program. This program has the science to prove that it works better than the Heart Healthy Diet.   Meal replacement programs offer healthy shakes or healthy bars that either include a superior whey protein or soy.  Isagenix will only use superior whey protein.

What you should know about soy protein meal replacements and whey protein shakes.  Not only has it been proven that whey is superior to soy, look at the results for fat burning.  A lot of people have problems with stubborn stomach fat.  By introducing whey protein in your 30 day diet you will see a considerable difference.

soy vs whey protein

The diet study was lead by Dr. Krista Varady, an Assistant Professor at UIC. She’s contributed to more than 40 peer-reviewed publications and been featured on television, in print and in person as an authority on intermittent fasting for weight loss.

what is the 30 day diet

The 30 day diet consists of replacing only 2 meals a day with vitamin and mineral packed whey protein shakes. In the evening you will have a 400-600 calorie meal. Meal suggestions will be supplied. If you are interested in more information regarding the 30 day diet please use the contact form below in order to be sent the right information for you.

Buy the 30 day Isagenix program and get free weight loss coaching worth over $200.00

Who is using Isagenix?

Over 560,000 people at the last count which changes daily.

Can Athletes use these products?

Dr. Michael Colgan joined Isagenix and brought a wealth of information and experience to Isagenix.  He has helped Athletes from all around the world.  He highly recommends Isagenix and it is safe for athletes as we have 100’s of Olympic athletes using the products with amazing results.

I need to lose 50- 100 lbs – will Isagenix work for me

Isagenix offers you the products, I offer my coaching.  Here is a video showing just some of the people who have lost 20 lbs up to 400 lbs.


What does the 30 day Program look like and how does it work?


What is the 30 day diet secret sauce?

I know that the one thing that Isagenix has that I incorporated into my 30 day diet was the intermittent fasting.  This video explains what the secret sauce of the Isagenix program is and how to do a cleanse day/fast day.


Moms working from home helping other Moms to lose weight

I am a Mom but also a grandmother.  I had no idea that I could start a business from home with the help and support of Isagenix.  It allows me to have more freedom and time with my daughter and my grandchildren.  It also allows me to make money without having to leave home, travel any time I want and meet amazing people.  I have been to many cities in the USA, Australia and UK.  Check out this video..true stories from real women just like you.  Don’t let me tell you anything different.  Isagenix CHOSE to sell their products through people like you.  It is called Network Marketing as we love to share things with our friends and family.  When you get the amazing results you want to share, so why not get paid for that?  You don’t have to be a celebrity to get paid for using products.  People know and trust YOU.


***  There are literally thousands of products, pass and different prices.  Call me first to save money and make sure you get the right product. ****


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We cater to Moms who are trying to lose the extra weight they gained in pregnancy, athletes who want to gain muscle mass. We have a program that is best suited for you




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I have coached 1,000's of men and women on their health and weight loss journey.Not all diets are healthy, or have lasting results.For clients that want to lose 10 lbs up to 400 lbs, we have the tools and the products that will help you.Morbidly obese clients are now being referred to our company instead of having surgery

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