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Isagenix™ Canada – we are an Independent Isagenix consultant and offer the best price for a 30 day or 9 day program.

Isagenix is NOT sold in stores. The reason is because Isagenix wants you to connect with an Isagenix consultant who will personally help you choose the right products for you and to be your personal coach.  We want to answer all your questions, give you advice and get you talking to other people who are on the same journey.  If you would like to order Isagenix right now please click on order and you can buy your 30 day program at wholesale prices and SAVE.

I am a Health and Wellness Coach, my name is Patsy Copus.  My whole family uses Isagenix including my grandson.  I made a decision to lose weight and be more healthy for him.

You have heard about ISAGENIX, people are raving about it and now you can buy it right here.  Ask me how to get the LOWEST PRICE for Isagenix before you order:

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If you would like to talk to an Isagenix consultant, please call toll free at 1   888  622   5247 or  1-705-999-1053.  I started Isagenix in October of 2010 and have now lost released 40 lbs45 48 lbs and over 24 inches.   If you are wondering why people say they released the weight rather than losing it is because you always tend to find things you have lost but not when you release it. I am now an Isagenix consultant and work one on one with people who have tried everything to lose weight and have failed. Call me for an appointment: toll free 1 888 622 5247 or 1 705 999 1053 (my magic jack travel number) I will get an email notification 24 hours a day and will call you at a time that is convenient for you.

Failure is not an option with me, because I will be there for every step of your journey. The first step is to contact me as I will be your personal coach. If you live in Toronto, Newmarket, Barrie, Collingwood, to Windsor or any part of Ontario and are looking for Isagenix products I can help you.  You can start with a 9 day or a 30 day program , please click on the link and contact me so I can make sure you get the right product for you at the best price. Find out what is best for you. Isagenix offers so much for people who want to lose weight or for athletes who are looking for more energy.


Have you watched Angela’s story on my website?    She is a real success story for Isagenix and such an inspiration for young teens and young adults.  What an amazing story. Please contact me regarding Isagenix so we can work out a good time for us to chat. Here are some inspirational videos from my favourite show the Biggest Loser. These are real people just like you and me who are on their own personal weight loss journey. You do not need a television show to lose weight – you just need someone who believes in you and has the same goal. Good luck with your weight loss and if there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me

Buy Isagenix products  in Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga or  I can help you if you live  in Barrie – London – Sarnia and Windsor.  Find out more about Isagenix products.