If you are looking to buy Isagenix in Toronto,  you can purchase Isagenix from the link below or call the number above.

Isagenix consultant

I am so glad that you are considering Isagenix.  I  am an Independent Isagenix consultant.for Toronto and have used the products since 2010.  I can tell you how skeptical I was at the beginning.  Not until I met people in person who had lost 100, 200, 300 and even 400 lbs I was not really sure if it would work.  But I had a great Isagenix person who helped me.   When you buy Isagenix products it is important that you choose someone who will help you in your weight loss journey.  Your NOT just buying a product, you are paying for someone to help you reach your weight loss goals.  Part of the Isagenix experience is finding someone who will understand your problems, listen to you, and help you reach your weight loss goals.  If you are an athlete trying to lose weight and gain muscle mass we have a team of Isagenix athletes who can help you.  to buy an Athletes Pak We also have some of the largest weight loss support groups in the Toronto region.  If you need cheerleaders, we have plenty in our private/closed facebook groups..  Contact me now and find out how I can help you.

Please follow these instructions when you order:

Isagenix 30 day program buy in Toronto

You will choose the flavour of the shakes.  You can have all chocolate, all vanilla or 2 chocolate  and 2 vanilla for the months supply or try the new seasonal shakes that are being launched regular.  I just bought the Pina Colada (WOW)

Next you will choose the packaging.  You can choose the individual packages which are handy for travellers or the larger canisters

Choose Ionix Supreme in liquid or powder.  I prefer the liquid

Choose the Cleanse for Life.  I buy the powder and mix it but it does come in ready mixed liquid

You will then get to the next page where you have to choose your country.  This may seem odd that you are in Canada, but we do have people who buy products for friends or relatives in Australia, China, New Zealand or USA to name a few

This page is where you will save money on Isagenix products. Make sure you select this for the lowest prices and make sure you select auto ship. That way you will never run out of products but you are in control and can cancel at any time.


where can I buy Isagenix

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Buy Isagenix from a qualified Isagenix consultant who will customize the package for you