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Isagenix Canada consultantMy name is Patsy Copus.   I found Isagenix in 2010 and it changed my life when I needed it the most.  I loved the products so much I became one of the Largest suppliers of Isagenix in Canada.  It is not sold in a store for a very good reason.  Isagenix wants you to be supported by someone who has used the products with amazing results, someone like myself.  You do not need to find someone in your Province or City either.   You can order on my Isagenix Canada Website or call me and I can coach and support you.  It is hard to lose weight on your own.  That is why places like Weight Watchers are so popular.  They hold YOU accountable.

Why do weight loss programs fail?

Weight Loss Programs do NOT fail.

People FAIL programs.  They quit before the magic happens.  ASK ME, I know.  I quit Isagenix even though I got results.  Negative Nancy took over in my head.  People said to me I did not need to lose weight, that I looked great, that I could do it without Isagenix.  That is was one of those EVIL Network Marketing companies.  And you know what?  THEY ARE RIGHT!!  It is a Network Marketing company, but it was not EVIL.  It was the only program that worked for me.  Not only did I lose weight but I felt more energetic. For the first time in over 50 years I actually felt good about something, BUT I let other people influence me.  I got so much support with other people using the products and we became supporters of one another through Facebook and Skype.  I flew to one of their conferences where there was over 10,000 people who flew from all parts of the world to be there.  The room was a massive buzz of positivity, stories of what people had to overcome.  Everyone had a story of how hard it was for them, and like myself..some pretty bad stories about other weight loss companies.  After attending that event my belief window was massive.  I hope I can show you just how good it is

Watch this video to see some amazing experiences that some of our customers have had.  We have millions of testimonials from people who have lost 20 lbs or more, but if you need to lose more, please watch this video

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Weight loss support and accountability

That is what you need and THAT is what I will provide.  Isn’t it good to know that there is someone out there that cares, that will cheer for you when you reach your goals, AND help you keep it off.  If you choose not to phone me (which I highly recommend so I can SAVE YOU MONEY)  You can simply click on the link below and order.  Most people call me, as it is too late if they click on the wrong button and pay RETAIL.

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Isagenix business in Canada

As I said earlier, I loved the products so much that I decided to be a consultant for the company.  I work from home, set my own hours, and LOVE it.  People kept saying to me “Where did you buy Isagenix?” and I would refer them to Corporate office.  I did not realize I was doing my friends and family a disservice.  I could help them, and by doing so I was able to work from home and get paid a commission.  How many times have you told someone about a car dealer, restaurant, hair dresser and how great they were.  Did they pay you?  Did you bring them business?  You are not forced to do the business component but it is something that you should consider once you start seeing the results.  We presently have over 189 millionaires.  People just like you, who used every spare hour they had to promote the business and are now retired from their previous jobs. If you watch the video below it will give you a small sample of some of the people and how it affected their lives.


The person you see in this clip is from Canada.  A busy Chiropractor who had a client of his tell him about Isagenix.  He could not believe the results they were getting and looked into the products himself.  Not long after he found time in his busy schedule to build a business.  There are many more people from all walks of life who made the same great decision.    Check it out, we need more people like you.  People who want more in their lives.  Let me show you how:


Isagenix gets Rave Reviews from Athletes.  See Olympic athletes, Professional Golfers, Football Players, Hockey Players.  NSF Certified for Sport.  They now have this prestigious certification.  AND the people you see in this video are not being paid to endorse the products.  That is the difference.  They have their own business.

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