Infomercials or Network Marketing

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They have been around since the early 80’s and one of the first from my research, says that it was for a Vitamix Blender wayyy back in the 1940’s??  And that is one product that  is still here today.   So why did the world turn to Network Marketing to market and sell products?  With Network Marketing, you find people who will try a product that gives them results, and they tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends etc.  What is more realistic?  Meeting someone who has actually used the products with proven results, or a highly paid commercial.  I know what I would believe with a weight loss program that is for sure


Pros and cons of infomercials

The pros vary.  A lot of people watch TV and the way that the products are filmed and advertised makes it feel like you can not live without it.  Results in hours, days, weeks.  Some of the messages can be very powerful, especially when it hits a nerve like…lose weight, get rid of wrinkles, save time, save money.  They have highly skilled sales people who identify needs and learn how to trigger emotions that make you want to buy.

On the Con side:   the commercials can be made very cheaply.  They are then labelled as “As see on TV” which often means they are here today and gone tomorrow.  Now for high quality, long standing products like Apple, or would never see them doing an infomercial.  Weight loss programs on infomercials can not be verified as the people they use for examples could be paid actors or actresses.

Why Network Marketing works

First of all, you actually meet people who have used the products and have seen the results and you can try them yourself. The Network part of it is your friends, family, co workers etc. They define your network. When they see that you have (for example) lost weight and look great, they want to do the same. You refer them to the product, and you get paid. We market products every day. On Facebook we will talk about the diapers we like best for our children, or the Vacation destination hotel which gave you the best service, or the weight loss program that helped you lose 100 lbs. . It is word of mouth, and what is better than that?

I chose Network Marketing as a vehicle to educate people and show them how to lose weight and feel healthier with a weight loss program.  That was over six years ago and I am still using it, and so are a lot of my clients.  When you find something that works, who needs an infomercial.