why I don’t like Isagenix – a review of Isagenix

review of Isagenix

Isagenix Review

Before you read this review you might want to watch this video.  Unlike commercials where they PAY people to promote their products, this video is real everyday people just like you.  They lost up to 300 lbs but now have 2 people who have lost 400 lbs.


What do Medical Doctors say – their review of Isagenix?

A review of Isagenix:  Do you ever get sick and tired of seeing the before and after weight loss photos of celebrities on commercials??   I tried every program out there, Weight Watchers lots of times and actually ended up in hospital after doing a new program that was “promoted” by a well known gym .  I spent $1,000’s of dollars in gyms with personal trainers too.

2010 is the year that someone gave me a review about Isagenix.  He showed me a book full of before and after photos of people who had tried Isagenix.  But the difference in this conversation with this man, was he WAS NOT trying to sell me something.  He listened to my story.   His whole family had used a program and it worked for him.  Well my BS radar went up real fast, but I thought hey..what if.

So I went to a meeting to meet other people who used the products, then over the months I went to a bigger meeting and then finally went to a massive convention with over 10,000 people in it.  My belief window was in high gear.  I met a lady who had lost 400 lbs, hundreds of people who lost 100 lbs and thousands and thousands of people who had lost up to 100 lbs.

So on with my story about

Why I don’t like Isagenix 

Are you looking for something negative about Isagenix?  Here is my biggest beef.  I could have saved 1,000’s of dollars if I had found it earlier.  I lost weeks, months and years of my life trying to find a solution to lose weight and feel better.  I became very bitter and did not trust anyone who offered me a solution.  Isagenix made my life easier.  I knew all I had to do was mix my whey protein shake in my blender and drink it and I knew that I was starting my day off right.


The simple truth is that it took that long to find something that not only helped me to lose weight, but to also feel healthy again.  I have suffered with a variety of health conditions which left me tired, unable to sleep, and feeling twice my age.  From the first week I noticed a difference in my energy level.  My stomach was not upset like it usually was after breakfast, AND I slept better.  I could actually go on long trips in the car without complaining of my stomach upsets.  My family and friends noticed a difference, and most of all I slowly began to change everything that I ate.  Since I started I have been contacted by thousands of people from Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand and these are only some of the countries where it is sold.  When you can truly believe what a product can do, your one step closer.  Using it for six years has made me a life time believer.

I only wish I could find more people who would take just five minutes to look over some of the information I have to offer.  It could be life changing.  I know it was for me.

Check out my website and see for yourself.  Buy from someone you know and trust, Google my name and see who I am.  I am a genuine, hardworking individual.  Married for over 42 years, and a Grandmother of 3.  What have you got to lose?  You can BUY now or you can phone me with no obligation to buy.

Are you getting this kind of nutrition in your diet?  Review of Isagenix shakes below

review of Isagenix

What is Isagenix



weight-loss success stories

weight-loss success stories

Weight loss stories

It is a terrific incentive to see prior to and after pictures of individuals who have actually lost a great deal of weight. You understand that you can do it too if you see the thousands of individuals who have actually done it. Have you got 30 days or ought to I state would you prefer to offer me the next 30 days of your life to show that you can reduce weight and do it effectively – be healthy and have more energy.

I have actually consisted of some Youtube videos (that include advertisements which you ought to disregard). The point of these videos is to offer you a visual photo of simply just how much weight an individual can lose. These weight-loss stories are from males and females from any ages.

Watch the Biggest Loser videos that individuals send out in to be on the program. Heartbreaking real stories of individuals who have actually struggled with their weight and they are sobbing out for aid. Now I had an option, I might bring on exactly what I was doing and end up like my mom (my Mother passed away 2 years back as she established diabetes, might not breathe well due to the fact that of her weight, and the pressure on her heart was too much … unfortunately she passed away due to a heart attack) At this point I understood I had to turn my life around.

My objective is to assist others who desire to lose weight. If you desire more info, call me on the contact page or email me at 30daydietinfo at gmail.com.

Have you got 30 days or ought to I state would you like to offer me the next 30 days of your life to show that you can lose weight and do it effectively – be healthy and have more energy.


why Network Marketing works

Infomercials or Network Marketing

Network Marketing, Isagenix, reviews


They have been around since the early 80’s and one of the first from my research, says that it was for a Vitamix Blender wayyy back in the 1940’s??  And that is one product that  is still here today.   So why did the world turn to Network Marketing to market and sell products?  With Network Marketing, you find people who will try a product that gives them results, and they tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends etc.  What is more realistic?  Meeting someone who has actually used the products with proven results, or a highly paid commercial.  I know what I would believe with a weight loss program that is for sure


Pros and cons of infomercials

The pros vary.  A lot of people watch TV and the way that the products are filmed and advertised makes it feel like you can not live without it.  Results in hours, days, weeks.  Some of the messages can be very powerful, especially when it hits a nerve like…lose weight, get rid of wrinkles, save time, save money.  They have highly skilled sales people who identify needs and learn how to trigger emotions that make you want to buy.

On the Con side:   the commercials can be made very cheaply.  They are then labelled as “As see on TV” which often means they are here today and gone tomorrow.  Now for high quality, long standing products like Apple, or Nike..you would never see them doing an infomercial.  Weight loss programs on infomercials can not be verified as the people they use for examples could be paid actors or actresses.

Why Network Marketing works

First of all, you actually meet people who have used the products and have seen the results and you can try them yourself. The Network part of it is your friends, family, co workers etc. They define your network. When they see that you have (for example) lost weight and look great, they want to do the same. You refer them to the product, and you get paid. We market products every day. On Facebook we will talk about the diapers we like best for our children, or the Vacation destination hotel which gave you the best service, or the weight loss program that helped you lose 100 lbs. . It is word of mouth, and what is better than that?

I chose Network Marketing as a vehicle to educate people and show them how to lose weight and feel healthier with a weight loss program.  That was over six years ago and I am still using it, and so are a lot of my clients.  When you find something that works, who needs an infomercial.

how much weight can I lose on Isagenix

how much weight can you lose on Isagenix

How much weight can I lose on Isagenix

Good question – how much can you lose on Isagenix depends on you. Everyone loses weight at a different rate.  The proof that Isagenix works is in the video testimonials below.  People who have lost up to 300 lbs and now there are 2 customers who have lost 400 lbs.  Does that sounds like a program that will work for you.  PLUS you get someone who will COACH you for free *** another great bonus.


How much weight can I lose with Isagenix – healthy weight loss solution recommended by Doctors

lose weight with Isagenix


I am an Independent consultant for Isagenix.  You can not buy it from stores.  When you buy from me you get the best price, the best coaching and advice.  If you need to lose weight fast for a wedding or vacation there is a fast track system which is 9 days. But for people who look at their weight loss as a long term solution and have 50-300 lbs to lose I recommend the Isagenix 30 day program.  Click on the image for more information.
how much weight can you lose on Isagenix

how much weight can you lose on Isagenix



Please go to www.30daydiet.net.isagenix.com and choose your country  If your country is not listed please contact me for availability.  We are opening in new countries every year.  As of 2013 we are open in Singapore and Malaysia and China will be open too.

Back in August 2010 we had 208 people who had lost 100 pounds (100 pound club), 14 people who have lost 200 pounds and 2 members who have lost 300. I will update these as we get more information confirmed. Whether it is 5 lbs or 300 lbs it has worked and we have the proof. Over 66,680.5 pounds lost which equals 33 volkswagen beetle cars. Want to be next? Call me so we can get the right program for you;

I would love to share photos and stories of all the great people who have lost weight, Contact me and I will give you the link. You will see the stories of how much people have lost (and never found again). All ages, men and women. There is also a great 30 day challenge on Facebook that you can join and share your stories too.  It is great losing weight as a group, plus we are all trying for the Isa Body Challenge where you can win  a share of $120,000.

Here are just some of the comments in one of the weight loss groups on Facebook which I have copied and pasted here for you:

Okay, hold on to your hats: I just heard from my mom, Lynda Klem! In the past two weeks, she said she loves using this nutritional cleansing program! She’s tried Weight Watchers and South Beach Diet in the past and didn’t have this kind of result! So let’s give mom a HIGH-FIVE and a major CONGRATULATIONS!! Woohooooooo!!!

Had a Doctor appointment today and I will leave out the personal stuff but as I was leaving she mentioned the smoking so I told her I was weaning back on coffee and giving up on soda and taking a more holistic approach to my nutrition. I DID NOT MENTION ISAGENIX. Her response “Chris you are suffering because of the build up of toxins in your body, you need to eliminate processed foods and detox” Deb, I damn near fell off the table. She has provided me with some articles to read tonight. And she warned me that I will most likey become violently ill during my initial detox but to push through it. NOW …through it all she has no clue that I have taken that LEAP of faith. I am overwhelmed by the coincidence.

and this one from a new male client

I love this stuff! Weigh-in in the am on Saturday is my favorite day. Especially today. This is by far the best nutrition in the world!!!
Starting weight 237.8 pounds
Weigh in 215.3 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 22.5 pounds
Total Inches Lost: 33 inches

If you would like to start a 30 day or a 9 day fat burning system, please contact me below for a free consultation so that you get the RIGHT products at the RIGHT price. The shakes come in vanilla or chocolate and some of the other products you can buy in a liquid or powder form, also it is cheaper to buy wholesale, so please, lets chat and make sure you do this right. Also, you can enter to win $120,000.

Want more information? Please contact me below, and I will send you my toll free number.

Can you afford not to lose weight? Life is too short and will be shorter when you start suffering from HBP, high cholestrol. Obesity is killing people slowly.

How much weight can I lose on Isagenix is asked every day.  It depends on you – call me for expert coaching and to find out what products will work for you




before and after photos not gastric bypas

Want to see before and after photos of people who have lost 100 – 300 lbs. Please note, these people did not have lapband or gastric bypass surgery, they did it using Isagenix.  I am including a video of a beautiful woman on Youtube who did have surgery, but she had lost 100 lbs prior and she has a very powerful message you should watch. I am not sure what program she used but please watch her youtube gastric bypass video:

The lady below did use Isagenix, her name is Jill Birth.  She not only lost 100 lbs, she also won the 2011 IsaBody Challenge which is a contest held every year.  If you win you are flown to a grand Celebration and receive a cheque on stage!!

All of these people below have lost this weight and kept it off for up to 5 years!!  They have not had gastric bypass or lapband surgery.

Check these out:

Wow can you imagine losing 100 lbs and looking as great as Jill!

What amazing photos, can you imagine how great she feels now.  If you want to hear her story she has her amazing weight loss video on Youtube.

200 pound weight loss

Photo #2: Another great story, this does not even look like the same man but can you imagine how much HIS life has changed.  He has lost all this weight and kept it off.  As of 2011 he has not gained a pound back but has gained his health.  He now helps other people who want to lose weight like he did.

Photo #3:  This wonderful lady lost 300 lbs. She was sent home from hospital to die.  Her family were so desperate to find a way to save her.  They thought the only solution was lap band surgery, but they did not have enough money for the surgery so they put up posters asking for peoples help.  But something happened, someone else contacted her and asked her if she would be open to trying something else.  She could either wait until they found enough money for surgery or she could listen to this girl who came to her house.  Luckily she listened and started trying the products right away.  This photo was taken during her weight loss journey, there is another one where she could not even get out of bed.  She is amazing, someone saved her life that day.  I talk to her a lot about other people that I am meeting who have that much to lose and she is so positive and sends encouraging messages to everyone.   She is now paying it forward and helping other people who want to lose weight.

300 lb weight loss

If you are considering surgery, there are alternatives.  I have hundreds of photos of people who chose not to have surgery and they had between 100 and 300 lbs to lose.   Did you know that when you have the surgery you will be left with a lot of skin hanging off your body, which means you will have to have another surgery?  Check out youtube for photos of some people who have had bypass or lapband surgery and then had to have surgery to remove all the excess skin.

Talk to other people who have had the surgery, the kind of diet they must eat, the vitamins they must take for the rest of their lives, the appointments they had to go to in order to be approved. This all takes time, and in this time you could be losing weight like my friends here.

Before you look into surgery, call me at 1-888-622-5247 or my travel number 1-705-999-1053 it is a magic jack phone which will alert me by email.  I want people to know that there is alternatives, and I will be your personal coach throughout your journey.

Look at your options, you only have one life to live – can you afford NOT to be healthy?  Think twice before you have lapband or bypass surgery