Want to see before and after photos of people who have lost 100 – 300 lbs. Please note, these people did not have lapband or gastric bypass surgery, they did it using Isagenix.  I am including a video of a beautiful woman on Youtube who did have surgery, but she had lost 100 lbs prior and she has a very powerful message you should watch. I am not sure what program she used but please watch her youtube gastric bypass video:

The lady below did use Isagenix, her name is Jill Birth.  She not only lost 100 lbs, she also won the 2011 IsaBody Challenge which is a contest held every year.  If you win you are flown to a grand Celebration and receive a cheque on stage!!

All of these people below have lost this weight and kept it off for up to 5 years!!  They have not had gastric bypass or lapband surgery.

Check these out:

Wow can you imagine losing 100 lbs and looking as great as Jill!

What amazing photos, can you imagine how great she feels now.  If you want to hear her story she has her amazing weight loss video on Youtube.

200 pound weight loss

Photo #2: Another great story, this does not even look like the same man but can you imagine how much HIS life has changed.  He has lost all this weight and kept it off.  As of 2011 he has not gained a pound back but has gained his health.  He now helps other people who want to lose weight like he did.

Photo #3:  This wonderful lady lost 300 lbs. She was sent home from hospital to die.  Her family were so desperate to find a way to save her.  They thought the only solution was lap band surgery, but they did not have enough money for the surgery so they put up posters asking for peoples help.  But something happened, someone else contacted her and asked her if she would be open to trying something else.  She could either wait until they found enough money for surgery or she could listen to this girl who came to her house.  Luckily she listened and started trying the products right away.  This photo was taken during her weight loss journey, there is another one where she could not even get out of bed.  She is amazing, someone saved her life that day.  I talk to her a lot about other people that I am meeting who have that much to lose and she is so positive and sends encouraging messages to everyone.   She is now paying it forward and helping other people who want to lose weight.

300 lb weight loss

If you are considering surgery, there are alternatives.  I have hundreds of photos of people who chose not to have surgery and they had between 100 and 300 lbs to lose.   Did you know that when you have the surgery you will be left with a lot of skin hanging off your body, which means you will have to have another surgery?  Check out youtube for photos of some people who have had bypass or lapband surgery and then had to have surgery to remove all the excess skin.

Talk to other people who have had the surgery, the kind of diet they must eat, the vitamins they must take for the rest of their lives, the appointments they had to go to in order to be approved. This all takes time, and in this time you could be losing weight like my friends here.

Before you look into surgery, call me at 1-888-622-5247 or my travel number 1-705-999-1053 it is a magic jack phone which will alert me by email.  I want people to know that there is alternatives, and I will be your personal coach throughout your journey.

Look at your options, you only have one life to live – can you afford NOT to be healthy?  Think twice before you have lapband or bypass surgery