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Gas is going up, costs of renting an office are going up so how do you get out of the rat race?  If you live in or near  you know how difficult it can be to get a job.  And what happens when you are made to retire early.  What do you do then?

Working from home in the Network Marketing industry in Detroit is the answer.

And I will show you why.

One of the best economist Paul Zane Pilzer predicts it will be the next trillion dollar industry. What home business is he talking about? Network marketing!! Remember Amway? They opened the doors for many other companies. There is one company that has 65 millionaires so far and they are only in their 10th year of operation.

What is the name of this company?
What do I need to know?
How much do I need to invest?
What experience do I need?

These are the questions that everyone asked, and they were very surprised to find out how low the investment was, that no experience was necessary, and they teach you all that you need to know.  This is the Home business that I decided to join.  I wish it had not taken me 2 years to decide as there are now 189 people in this company who have made 1 million dollars (as of July 2016)  There are many more multi million dollar earners.  The training is free, the company is amazing, the people in this business are incredible.  Watch this video


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