How much weight can I lose on Isagenix

Good question – how much can you lose on Isagenix depends on you. Everyone loses weight at a different rate.  The proof that Isagenix works is in the video testimonials below.  People who have lost up to 300 lbs and now there are 2 customers who have lost 400 lbs.  Does that sounds like a program that will work for you.  PLUS you get someone who will COACH you for free *** another great bonus.


How much weight can I lose with Isagenix – healthy weight loss solution recommended by Doctors

lose weight with Isagenix


I am an Independent consultant for Isagenix.  You can not buy it from stores.  When you buy from me you get the best price, the best coaching and advice.  If you need to lose weight fast for a wedding or vacation there is a fast track system which is 9 days. But for people who look at their weight loss as a long term solution and have 50-300 lbs to lose I recommend the Isagenix 30 day program.  Click on the image for more information.
how much weight can you lose on Isagenix

how much weight can you lose on Isagenix



Please go to and choose your country  If your country is not listed please contact me for availability.  We are opening in new countries every year.  As of 2013 we are open in Singapore and Malaysia and China will be open too.

Back in August 2010 we had 208 people who had lost 100 pounds (100 pound club), 14 people who have lost 200 pounds and 2 members who have lost 300. I will update these as we get more information confirmed. Whether it is 5 lbs or 300 lbs it has worked and we have the proof. Over 66,680.5 pounds lost which equals 33 volkswagen beetle cars. Want to be next? Call me so we can get the right program for you;

I would love to share photos and stories of all the great people who have lost weight, Contact me and I will give you the link. You will see the stories of how much people have lost (and never found again). All ages, men and women. There is also a great 30 day challenge on Facebook that you can join and share your stories too.  It is great losing weight as a group, plus we are all trying for the Isa Body Challenge where you can win  a share of $120,000.

Here are just some of the comments in one of the weight loss groups on Facebook which I have copied and pasted here for you:

Okay, hold on to your hats: I just heard from my mom, Lynda Klem! In the past two weeks, she said she loves using this nutritional cleansing program! She’s tried Weight Watchers and South Beach Diet in the past and didn’t have this kind of result! So let’s give mom a HIGH-FIVE and a major CONGRATULATIONS!! Woohooooooo!!!

Had a Doctor appointment today and I will leave out the personal stuff but as I was leaving she mentioned the smoking so I told her I was weaning back on coffee and giving up on soda and taking a more holistic approach to my nutrition. I DID NOT MENTION ISAGENIX. Her response “Chris you are suffering because of the build up of toxins in your body, you need to eliminate processed foods and detox” Deb, I damn near fell off the table. She has provided me with some articles to read tonight. And she warned me that I will most likey become violently ill during my initial detox but to push through it. NOW …through it all she has no clue that I have taken that LEAP of faith. I am overwhelmed by the coincidence.

and this one from a new male client

I love this stuff! Weigh-in in the am on Saturday is my favorite day. Especially today. This is by far the best nutrition in the world!!!
Starting weight 237.8 pounds
Weigh in 215.3 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 22.5 pounds
Total Inches Lost: 33 inches

If you would like to start a 30 day or a 9 day fat burning system, please contact me below for a free consultation so that you get the RIGHT products at the RIGHT price. The shakes come in vanilla or chocolate and some of the other products you can buy in a liquid or powder form, also it is cheaper to buy wholesale, so please, lets chat and make sure you do this right. Also, you can enter to win $120,000.

Want more information? Please contact me below, and I will send you my toll free number.

Can you afford not to lose weight? Life is too short and will be shorter when you start suffering from HBP, high cholestrol. Obesity is killing people slowly.

How much weight can I lose on Isagenix is asked every day.  It depends on you – call me for expert coaching and to find out what products will work for you






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