Olympic athlete Jana Pitman raves about Isagenix UK

Training for the Olympics is one feat, but dealing with infertility, suffering with several miscarriages and then having 2 healthy pregnancies.  Jana Pitman was looking for a health weight loss program and something to get her energy back and improve her performance. Luckily she was told about Isagenix by a friend and the results were amazing.  The full story was published in the Daily Mail UK   She was lucky that Isagenix is available in 14 countries and now she will be able to get it in the UK when she travels.

Isagenix launches products in 2017

It is not only Athletes who are eagerly awaiting the launch of Isagenix in the UK.  Thousands of people have contacted this website asking when it would be available.  We will be flying to London when the launch date is announced and would love for you to be there to be one of the first to try these amazing products.

Check out these videos from the Isagenix International Channel on Youtube.  The results are amazing I should know as I have been using the products since 2010.




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