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Pay it forward with Isagenix

My name is Patsy Copus and I am an Isagenix consultant.  The reason I like working with a company like Isagenix is how they are paying it forward.  Children are our future.  Why make billions of dollars for a product that helps weight loss and become more healthy if you do not use that money to help even more people.  What a great company to be involved in.

Watch this story of child abuse, it will break your heart.   When you purchase Isagenix products you have the opportunity to make a donation with your order.  All donations go to these great places that are staffed with professionals that help these children. It made me cry, being a mother and now a grandmother I can not even imagine the trauma that a child would go through. That is why we need to be vigilante, that is why we need to show we care.

The next time you buy an Isagenix product, I hope you take the time to check off the box to donate to this valuable organization. Do it for the childrens sake.

Here are some startling statistics:

Did you know…

A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds

1,500 children die every year from child abuse and neglect.

Three million reports of child abuse are made annually in the U.S., yet experts estimate the actual number of incidents is three times greater than those reported.

A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds. Four children die as a result of child abuse every day and three out of four of these victims are under the age of four.

Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education.

One-third of abused and neglected children will abuse their own children, continuing this cycle of abuse.

(this information is from the Isagenix website complete with the video)  As he says in the video, if a plane went down every day with 500 children on it and it crashed there would be investigations.  THIS is happening every day and only through continued donations can centres like these be built.

Thank you for reading – and I wish you great Health in your weight loss journey

chicken soup for the soul promotes Isagenix

I am always more interested in a product when I get see a famous person endorse it. The author John Gray who wrote Men are from Mars, women are from Venus endorsed Isagenix in this youtube video. He tells how losing weight will help relationships, actually improve it when we start to lose weight and are happier with ourselves.

He talks about his books where he says that through the 3 C’s it increases oxytocin levels in women and thereby improves relationships with either their partner or dating relationships. The 3 C’s are communication, co-operation, and collaboration. He says that when we communicate it stimulates which is infused in her life. When her oxytocin increases that her self being increases and ability to burn fat increases. Men are testosterone driven, when their levels are up he can lose weight, feel better about himself and has more energy to put into a relationship. Women are susceptible to having low levels of seratonin which leaves them with a feeling of being overwhelmed. Increasing the seratonin will actually make them relax more, have more energy and feel less overwhelmed when they know how much weight they have to lose.

You can start your 30 day plan today by starting day 1 with Isagenix.

weight loss success stories

It is a great motivator to see before and after photos of people who have lost a lot of weight.  If you see the thousands of people who have done it, you know that you can do it too. Have you got 30 days or should I say would you like to give me the next 30 days of your life to prove that you can lose weight and do it successfully – be healthy and have more energy.

I have included some Youtube videos (which include ads which you should ignore).  The point of these videos is to give you a visual picture of just how much weight a person can lose.  These weight loss stories are from men and women from all ages.

Watch the Biggest Loser videos that people send in to be on the show. Heartbreaking true stories of people who have struggled with their weight and they are crying out for help. Could you be one of these people? Has your doctor warned you about your weight gain? Do you know that you decrease your life expectancy, and because of this we are seeing more and more people who will never see their grandchildren grow up, and many who will spend countless hours in a hospital waiting room due to complications that their obesity has started. OBESITY, my doctor told me I was obese and I thought he was nuts until I bought a scale that told me my weight and my BMI (body mass index) I was floored..I looked at people bigger than me as the ones that were obese. Now I had a choice, I could carry on what I was doing and end up like my mother (my Mother passed away 2 years ago as she developed diabetes, could not breathe well because of her weight, and the strain on her heart was too much…sadly she passed away due to a heart attack) At this point I knew I had to turn my life around.

My goal is to help others who want to lose weight. If you want more information, contact me on the contact page or email me at 30daydietinfo at gmail.com. Emails have to be typed like this these days because of spammers. I hope you are ready to start the next 30 days of your life with this one step. Email me.