Isagenix money back guarantee

It is great to see that Isagenix offers a 30 day, Product, Money-Back Guarantee on initial orders.  Who else offers a guarantee like that.


Isagenix money back guarantee is unlike other businesses.  Most people want to try the product and see if they like it.  I bought my first products 9 years ago and one of the reasons was the guarantee.  (I never sent it back though as I loved it.




Call me for more information regarding prices and information regarding products


how to save money on groceries with Isagenix

grocery save money

Save money on groceries


save on groceries with IsagenixI am not sure what you eat in a week at your house   But I found this article to be very interesting

Mexico, Great Britain, USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan, China are some of the countries that they asked to take part in this photo shoot.  What are your thoughts?

Save money on groceries   Most people who consider weight loss or health programs say that they can not afford it.  In the Mexico photo, if you stopped buying all the pop or sodas you would save enough to eat healthier.

Since wholesale warehouse clubs like Costco opened its doors in 1983, more and more families have been purchasing memberships and taking advantage of its cost-savings benefits. Isagenix offers a very similar membership with very similar cost-saving benefits!

For $29 the first year, and $19 every year thereafter, Associates can cash in on these perks courtesy of an Isagenix “membership.”

Perk #1. Wholesale Pricing: As a member of Isagenix you get the highest-quality products at the lowest possible price.

Take the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System for example. This system is a favorite among members because it not only helps with weight management, but also helps to reallocate both your grocery money and dining-out dollars with more nutritionally complete food, costing less than $3 per meal.  Now THAT is a cost saving

So, just how much money will you save? Click on the link to see the math.

save on groceries

Perk #2. Autoship: Autoship is a system that offers the best prices on your favorite products, systems and paks each month without having to remember to reorder.

Associates on Autoship save an additional 5% to 15% compared to purchasing each item separately. PLUS you never run out and have complete control on what comes every month.  Put a reminder on your phone for 5 days before your next order, sign in make the changes and you will get a different order every month based on YOUR needs.

Perk #3. “Active” Status: Simply put, “active” means you order 100 BV worth of product a month. Staying “active” keeps the door open to earning a residual income down the road.  Who doesn’t want to make an extra $500.00 for Christmas or towards a vacation.

Additional Perks…

Perk #4: Personalized Website: All Isagenix Associates receive their own customizable website as part of their yearly membership with the opportunity to participate in our referral-based compensation plan. Here is a video to explain how you could make some money.  It really is the best home based business in the USA, Canada and our International community.

Perk #5: Health Insurance. Healthcare is expensive. As a member of Isagenix and living in the USA, you have access to a reduced rate provided by our partners, National Association of Workplace Programs (NAWP) and Transtar Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Perk #6: IsaBody Challenge. FREE to join, the IsaBody Challenge® is designed to help you lose weight, boost energy and performance and age gracefully all while having fun competing for over $250,000 in prizes, which includes $25,000 cash for the Grand Prize Winner.

Ready to transform your life? Contact the Isagenix Associate who shared this with you or call me at the number above. If you are looking for ways to save on groceries AND lose weight AND gain energy we can recommend the right products for you.  Isagenix is not sold in stores, but if it was it would be in the Health Food aisle.  Only the best ingredients go into our products.

Please call the number above if you are in North America or message me privately

start your own home business in Detroit

start your own home business in Detroit

Start a Home business in Detroit

Gas is going up, costs of renting an office are going up so how do you get out of the rat race?  If you live in or near  you know how difficult it can be to get a job.  And what happens when you are made to retire early.  What do you do then?

Working from home in the Network Marketing industry in Detroit is the answer.

And I will show you why.

One of the best economist Paul Zane Pilzer predicts it will be the next trillion dollar industry. What home business is he talking about? Network marketing!! Remember Amway? They opened the doors for many other companies. There is one company that has 65 millionaires so far and they are only in their 10th year of operation.

What is the name of this company?
What do I need to know?
How much do I need to invest?
What experience do I need?

These are the questions that everyone asked, and they were very surprised to find out how low the investment was, that no experience was necessary, and they teach you all that you need to know.  This is the Home business that I decided to join.  I wish it had not taken me 2 years to decide as there are now 189 people in this company who have made 1 million dollars (as of July 2016)  There are many more multi million dollar earners.  The training is free, the company is amazing, the people in this business are incredible.  Watch this video


Phone number to order Isagenix


Looking for Isagenix in Canada

Isagenix Canada  it is NOT sold in stores. It can only be purchased from an Independent Isagenix consultant that uses the products and has experience on which ones to use for weight loss or for some people weight gain.

Isagenix Canada consultant

My name is Patsy Copus and I have been using Isagenix for over 4 years.  I am a Grandmother of 3 beautiful healthy grand children.  My daughter used the products with 2 of her children.  (products that are available to use during pregnancy)  I had never heard of Isagenix back then and only met a few people in person who had amazing results.  But then I went to an event and met people who had lost 100, 200, 300 and even 400 pounds which was mind boggling.  Knowing that this company was helping people who would have considered weight loss journey

I would be happy to help you.  You can either call the phone number above or click on buy now below.

Want to know how I lost 60 lbs? Check out my Independant personal Isagenix websites to find out more information about me.  I believe you should know who you are buying from, as I will be the person who will help you lost weight.  When you purchase Isagenix from me you will not only get great coaching and weight loss advice you will also get:

  1. your own free website where you can go for the best support and education on health and wellness
  2. delivery to your door where you want and when you want, your in control
  3. ability to join Private Facebook groups to talk to other people who need to lose 100+ lbs
  4. win cash and prizes for contests

Please contact me below, let me know what your weight loss goals are and a good time to call you.

or where can I buy Isagenix


Isagenix Hong Kong | Isagenix Singapore | Isagenix Malaysia

Isagenix Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia

Thank you for visiting my website.  Are you looking to lose weight, get healthy or to find out how you can buy products and get paid to use them?  We are looking for people in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.   Isagenix is now open in Singapore and Malaysia. Want more information about the Isagenix products in Hong Kong?

I am looking for very hard working professionals who want to be a part of the Trillion dollar Health Industry.  Isagenix is a 12 year Health and Wellness company that helps people lose weight and get healthier.  We are suffering from an obesity epidemic.  More and more people are turning to nutritional companies for advice on how to get healthy.  Isagenix has been featured in Elle, Popular Science and Prosper Magazine.  They have a professional scientific board which includes the leading nutritionist Dr. Michael Colgan, top formulator John Anderson and anti-aging expert Dr. Bill Andrews.

Watch this video to find out more about this company



Join Team Singapore on Facebook.  First meeting was held March 2013.  DO NOT miss out on this life changing opportunity



Team Singapore

Isagenix coming to Singapore March 2013 | Isagenix Singapore

Isagenix coming to Singapore March 2013 | Isagenix Singapore

Isagenix is NOW open in Singapore!!

If you are looking for an additional income with a Multi million Health and Wellness company, we are looking for you.  Isagenix® is excited to announce the opening of the Singapore market. If you are looking to start a home based business with Isagenix Singapore please contact me privately for an interview to be an independent Isagenix associate.  The compensation plan is amazing.  How to make money in  with Isagenix

Please watch this video on opening day:


Isagenix Singapore



Every country in the world has an obesity problem.  It is affecting our jobs, our relationships and most of all our Health.  I believe that we can be a part of the Obesity shift to wellness and it will take people of all ages.  If you are in your 20’s or retired, Isagenix can provide you an amazing compensation plan.  Not only will you help your own family and friends with their health, you can also help them with their wealth.

Want to read more about Isagenix?  Please visit my personal website for Team Singapore and take the tour

Paul Zane Pilzer has predicted that the Health Industry will become the next trillion dollar industry.  More and more people are getting sick and looking for alternatives for their health.  Please contact me if you would like to be a part of this exciting launch.

The first Singapore Isagenix Introductory Event was on
20th March 2013
7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

6.30 p.m – Registration

7 p.m. Get to Know the Isagenix Family
• Information about Isagenix
• Find Out About the Global Vision and Mission of Isagenix Now and For the Future

7.45 p.m. Opportunity Meeting
8:45 p.m. Introduction to Isagenix Products

Dato Dr. Ronie Tan, Managing Director South Asia
Kevin Adams, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Suk Cho, Chief Science Officer
Scott Flohr, Vice President of International Services

Join Team Singapore today

Team Singapore

Please fill in the form below for a special invitation to this BIG event


Isagenix consultants | where to buy Isagenix

Looking for an Isagenix consultant in your area?

Want to know how many Canadians and Americans buy Isagenix?  This is a map showing visitors to this site who are looking to buy Isagenix products in Canada and the USA.

You can BUY ISAGENIX from this website.  It is not sold in stores or through the corporate website.  Your products will be delivered to your door and you should receive it within 2 days.  Do you want to buy wholesale (the lowest prices) contact me so that I can show you how.  Our toll free number appears on the top right hand corner of this website.  You will have your own personal website, delivery to your door, confidential free consultation to discuss your weight loss goals.  We look forward to helping you.

Isagenix Canada and USA

copyright image 30 day diet 2012

To purchase Isagenix online follow this link or use our contact page below.  Make sure you click on the words SIGN UP AND SAVE.  You will get the lowest prices and more benefits:


where can I buy Isagenix


how to order Isagenix online

Isagenix is not sold in stores. It can only be purchased through consultants like myself, who have been using the products successfully and now coach and teach others how to do it as well.

We highly recommend clients to purchase a 30 day program. If you need to find out what program will be best for you, please do not hesitate to phone or email us through the form below. To order, go to CLICK on SIGNUP AND SAVE ON THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER.  It cost $29.95 (depending on your country) to purchase wholesale and you will save a lot of money

These will be the steps to follow.  When you get to the site you will see on the page about our recommend products.  You do not have to choose these but this is an example

Isagenix 30 day program buy in Toronto

  • You will select the types of shakes you want. You can choose 4 chocolate, 4 vanilla, or 2 chocolate and 2 vanillas
  • Select the type of packaging. For travelers choose the individual packages, otherwise select the big cannisters
  • You can choose additional vitamins if required at this step or choose none
  • Ionix Supreme is an amazing supplement which is can be helpful for stress and much more. You can choose liquid or powder. I personally love the liquid. You take a shot glass full every morning
  • Cleanse for life comes in liquid or powder. I mix the powder, but for travelers it might be more convenient to have it ready made
  • Now see the green box that says SIGN UP AND SAVE? Click this button till you get to this page:

    Isagenix lowest prices

    This page tells you why it is better to become a wholesale customer to save a lot of $$$$, plus you will never run out and always get the best prices and deals. Please make sure you sign up and save.  You will then come to the page to choose a username and password.  This will be where you will return to place more orders or make changes.

    Isagenix program where to buy

    If at anytime you get confused or have questions please do not hesitate to contact me or call my toll free number


    how much weight can you lose on Isagenix

    How much weight can you lose on Isagenix

    Good question – how much can you lose on Isagenix depends on you.  I am an Independent consultant for Isagenix.  When you buy from me you get the best price, the best coaching and advice.  If you need to lose weight fast for a wedding or vacation there is a fast track system which is 9 days. But for people who look at their weight loss as a long term solution and have 50-300 lbs to lose I recommend the Isagenix 30 day program. Want to see before and after photos of people who have lost up to 353 lbs?  Please go to and choose your country  If your country is not listed please contact me for availability.  We are opening in new countries every year.  As of 2013 we are open in Singapore and Malaysia and China will be open too.

    Back in August 2010 we had 208 people who had lost 100 pounds (100 pound club), 14 people who have lost 200 pounds and 2 members who have lost 300. I will update these as we get more information confirmed. Whether it is 5 lbs or 300 lbs it has worked and we have the proof. Over 66,680.5 pounds lost which equals 33 volkswagen beetle cars. Want to be next? Call me so we can get the right program for you;

    I would love to share photos and stories of all the great people who have lost weight, Contact me and I will give you the link. You will see the stories of how much people have lost (and never found again). All ages, men and women. There is also a great 30 day challenge on Facebook that you can join and share your stories too.  It is great losing weight as a group, plus we are all trying for the Isa Body Challenge where you can win  a share of $120,000.

    Here are just some of the comments in one of the weight loss groups on Facebook which I have copied and pasted here for you:

    So i survived my first day back at work since starting isagenix, was really tempting with all that greasy food and the lovely smells but i ignored it and enjoyed my 4LT of water lol almost drank the whole thing before 3pm. and a side note i know its really small and probley nothing to celebrate but i weighed myself today and have lost 1.2 pounds since starting yesterday.yay me:)

    My ‘stepmom’, Ellen B, is doing her first cleanse EVER of her 9 day!!! I’m sooo proud of you! I’m glad b/c I love you and want you to live a long, healthy life! Thank you for putting it into your body!!!! Keep the phone calls coming! I want reports!!!! I can’t wait to hear how you feel!!!!

    Okay, hold on to your hats: I just heard from my mom, Lynda Klem! In the past two weeks, she said she loves using this nutritional cleansing program! She’s tried Weight Watchers and South Beach Diet in the past and didn’t have this kind of result! So let’s give mom a HIGH-FIVE and a major CONGRATULATIONS!! Woohooooooo!!!

    Had a Doctor appointment today and I will leave out the personal stuff but as I was leaving she mentioned the smoking so I told her I was weaning back on coffee and giving up on soda and taking a more holistic approach to my nutrition. I DID NOT MENTION ISAGENIX. Her response “Chris you are suffering because of the build up of toxins in your body, you need to eliminate processed foods and detox” Deb, I damn near fell off the table. She has provided me with some articles to read tonight. And she warned me that I will most likey become violently ill during my initial detox but to push through it. NOW …through it all she has no clue that I have taken that LEAP of faith. I am overwhelmed by the coincidence.

    and this one from a new male client

    I love this stuff! Weigh-in in the am on Saturday is my favorite day. Especially today. This is by far the best nutrition in the world!!!
    Starting weight 237.8 pounds
    Weigh in 215.3 pounds
    Total Weight Loss: 22.5 pounds
    Total Inches Lost: 33 inches

    If you would like to start a 30 day or a 9 day fat burning system, please contact me below for a free consultation so that you get the RIGHT products at the RIGHT price. The shakes come in vanilla or chocolate and some of the other products you can buy in a liquid or powder form, also it is cheaper to buy wholesale, so please, lets chat and make sure you do this right. Also, you can enter to win $120,000.

    Want more information? Please contact me below, and I will send you my toll free number.

    Can you afford not to lose weight? Life is too short and will be shorter when you start suffering from HBP, high cholestrol. Obesity is killing people slowly.


    buy Isagenix™ Australia lowest prices

    Isagenix International opened its doors in Australia in August of 2007. Since then, there have been thousands of Australians who have lost weight and kept it off. They have more energy, improved their digestion and so much more.

    My name is Patsy Copus and I would like to introduce you to Andrew and Jennifer who own Health and Wellness Coach    They are your Isagenix consultants in Australia and help clients from Perth to Sydney.

    I recommend the 30 day program, because it is what allowed me to shed 60 pounds and I have kept it off with hard work and sticking to good eating habits which I learned with Isagenix.   Ask me how to get the lowest price.  It is not sold in stores.

    If you compare Isagenix with traditional diets you will find that they focus on counting calories.  That is where Isagenix is so different.  It is all worked out for you, you replace two meals a day with shakes and in the evening you have a healthy 400-600 calorie meal.  We even have a private facebook group where you can talk to people and get advice, recipes and much more.  Accountability and support are the most important features for Isagenix.   Here are some of the things you may experience

    • Losing weight and or gaining muscle mass (for athletes with our athletes pak)
    • Supports your digestive system
    • You may see improvement in your skin

    If you have heard about Isagenix in Australia and want to know more, please fill in the form below or contact Andrew and Jennifer from the link above.  If you would like a free phone consultation please leave your number and the best time to call.  If you would like to get to know me better, or to discuss your weight or health issues I can be reached on Skype

    30 day, Product, Money-Back Guarantee on initial orders