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Isagenix in Toronto ,Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, and Brampton Ontario.  Buy from a qualified Isagenix consultant with over 7 years experience.  Isagenix is not sold in stores.   We are distributors of Isagenix for Toronto, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton.   It is important to choose a good consultant.  Good consultants will give you the best customer support, help you when you hit plateaus, and make sure you get the BEST results. Isagenix Ontario – no matter what city you are in, we can support you via phone, email, Facebook private groups, or Skype.

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  • I have been using Isagenix since 2010.  My whole family uses it and embraced a healthier lifestyle
  • I will give you the best price (wholesale) and explain how to get these prices.  You do NOT have to do the business.  I will explain how you can save money
  • If there are Isagenix special prices (i.e. free shipping, free products) I can tell you about them on the phone
  • Do you have health challenges?  Our conversation is confidential.  It is important to know some of the hurdles you might have
  • Ever done a diet and hit a plateau?  I will make sure you know what to do while on the program and when you go into the maintenance stage

Most popular pack is the 30 day program

Isagenix in Toronto Milton Mississauga Oakville Brampton


How the 30 day program works

After I had my second child I had struggled to lose baby weight. I started to look for nutritional products as I am a “clean” eater and love trying new healthy recipes. But something didn’t work for me. I found Isagenix products in a search engine and loved the idea of body cleansing with nutrition. I started with the program and really enjoyed the taste of products, convinience and of course the results! I lost 11 lbs of extra weight within the first month and since then never stopped eating the products.Zhanna-pictureNow, my younger son is almost 5 years old and my both kids are waiting for Isagenix box to arrive every month. My favourite products are IsaPro shakes, Ionix, and Greens! For my kids, the real treasures in the box are bars, Snacks, and Energenix (which they call a lemonade). It’s so easy to incorporate healthy food in your daily life even with kids, plus enjoy additional benefits such as more free time and some extra cash. Who would not like that?I also loved the business idea as I am a stay at home Mom and it suits the hours that I have in the day.  I got free training and would love to help you lose weight.  Click on my name below to order or call the toll free number



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Your business is important to me.  Please call the number below for the BEST PRICE

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30 day weight loss program

Isagenix is available in Toronto, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton and normally delivered to your door in 2 business days.