Health decisions made by the herd

Health decisions made by the herd

Health decisions can be influenced by the Herd

herd mentality

Have you watched the TV Show Brain games?  It is not surprising to see the decisions that people make, based on a Herd/Mob Mentality.

When a persons natural desire to be part of the ‘in crowd’ damages their ability to make the right decisions about their Health, there is a real problem.  Health decisions regarding diet is probably one of the biggest decisions that a person can make.  And the Herd/Mob mentality is rampant.  What are the challenges that people have beside the Herd mentality?


  1. Paid Advertisements on the television that promise fast weight loss.  Magic pills, or programs that are not backed by Scientific studies
  1. Ads in magazines, newspapers and on TV of Celebrities who are paid to promote a diet.  Where are the real people like you?


And the Programs that do not provide good support during your weight loss journey and after (when you need to learn how to keep it off)

So why does the Herd tell you NOT to use a program that has studies that prove it works?

Three separate Peer Reviewed Studies is the proof.

Every single day there is another Physician who reads these results AND recommends it to their patients.  Not only do they recommend the products.  They use them too.  Watch this video.


Now this information is coming from Doctors.  What about real testimonials from people who have lost 20 up to 400 lbs using this Health Diet.  The health decision they made was because they stopped following the Herd.  They did their research.  They broke away and got amazing results.

You can call the toll free number above and talk to me.  No obligation, just talk.  And decide if you want to break away from the herd that is holding you back from one of the biggest health decisions of your life.
Or you can buy now and see the results for yourself


Personal trainers do you make enough

Personal trainers do you make enough

Personal trainers – increase your income

personal trainers

Personal trainers

Are you a Personal Trainer?

Are you making enough?  According to recent studies, the average personal trainer struggles to make $25,0000 USD per year.  We do not feel that you are paid what your worth.  It is so difficult to advertise yourself and get a good following.  I am in Social Media and have helped many of my clients by educating them on how to promote themselves so I know the struggle.  Think about this, you only have so many hours in a day to max out your income.

This is why more and more Personal Trainers are coming to Isagenix for advice on how to create a residual income.  If you already have clients that you are training, why not offer them better nutrition.  Get free training from Isagenix, discounted products for your own use, the ability to make extra income that works alongside your Training business.  It is a win win situation that thousands of Personal trainers have done.

Dr Colgan has always believed that prevention is the key to combating the ails of today’s society. Personal trainers and fitness professionals are at the frontier of this prevention; fighting it at ground level. However, their income is often NOT reflected in the amount of effort that they put out. We guide our trainers and give them options that get quicker and more lasting results for their clients as well as creating additional income streams. We use a turn key system that has proven results for other fitness professionals and trainers.

If you want to take your business to the next level Team Colgan is here to help. Set up a consultation with Dr. Colgan to talk about your business and make a difference to your bottom line.

Cathy Savage Personal Trainer she was very hesitant and one of the people who said “Leave your ego at the door“.  She had very strong views about what she wanted her athletes to use.  But her clients were the one that showed her that Isagenix was working for them and they felt it would benefit her business.  Her income and her business has changed dramatically.

Watch this video from a Fitness Competitor who has joined Isagenix and started her own business,


Another great video of athletes



Personal trainers – attract more clients

If you would like a list of well known athletes and personal trainers who are both using the products and making an income with Isagenix, please contact me below