Isagenix Barrie Ontario

Where can I buy Isagenix in or around Barrie

You can buy it buy clicking on the buy button below, but BEFORE you buy.   I want you to read about WHO you are buying from and what to expect.


I have been using Isagenix since 2010.  I was very skeptical about Isagenix as I had only met a few people in person that had lost weight.  When I decided to fly to one of the largest Health and Wellness Celebrations in San Diego I was shocked.  I saw hundreds of people on stage that had lost 100, 200, 300 and even 400 lbs.  I listened to their stories, saw their before photos and realized I had found the right company not only to help me lose weight, but also a business I would love to be in.  Since then I have had 1,000’s of customers who have contacted me from Barrie Ontario to as far as Brisbane Australia.  It is important that you buy the products from someone who knows a lot about each and every product, how the cleanse works, and can advise you throughout your weight loss journey.  If you invest in me, I will invest in you.  You will not be disappointed.

Isagenix Barrie


When you buy from a consultant you get a 30 day money back guarantee for the products (on your initial order), professional support and much more.  Where else can you get a guarantee on the products like this one?

How many weight loss companies are there in Barrie, Orillia, Orangeville, Newmarket?  Do they help you when you hit plateaus?  Can you contact them by email to ask them advice for when you attend weddings, birthday parties etc.  We are always available through our website, phone, email or private facebook group.  We have over 25,000 people in our private Facebook group.  They can tell you how they managed to go to a wedding without over eating, as well as at Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.

Isagenix is not sold in stores and can only be sold through consultants like me who are trained to educate you  If you would like to buy Isagenix at the lowest price, either order here online or call us today to find out how to get rebates.

Isagenix in Barrie ontario

Buy Isagenix online in Barrie Ontario

Call 1-888-622-5247  order or to answer any of your questions. No pressure, just the honest truth on how the products might work for you. I have lost 60 lbs and can introduce you to thousands of people in our Private facebook group.  If you have to lose 20 or 400 lbs, try Isagenix today.

Losing weight is not easy, but with the Isagenix program there are no weigh ins, meetings, contracts or high pressure. You will see amazing results as I have done and if you want proof we can supply you with testimonials of people living in Barrie, Orillia, Huntsville, Innisfil, Collingwood and surrounding areas. If you would like to try some samples of the products, please call to arrange an appointment.

Make today the first day of your weight loss journey, call me with NO OBLIGATION, just sound advice about how I can help you lose pounds the healthy way



Health and Wellness Consultant at 30 day diet
I have coached 1,000's of men and women on their health and weight loss journey.Not all diets are healthy, or have lasting results.For clients that want to lose 10 lbs up to 400 lbs, we have the tools and the products that will help you.Morbidly obese clients are now being referred to our company instead of having surgery

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