It has been proven that when Athletes consume large doses of whey protein or a leucine-enriched drink right after their training, increases their gains in muscle and strength. There were two independent studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition regarding this fact.

A study done at McMaster University in Canada found that recreational athletes who consume 25 grams of whey protein after exercise increased muscle protein synthesis more than when smaller doses are given over time.

The researchers at McMaster University compared the effects of consuming 25 grams of whey protein versus 10 smaller doses every 20 minutes over 200 minutes in eight athletic men immediately after resistance training. The results were that whey protein in the large single dose, delivered a greater increase in plasma amino acids (including leucine) to trigger muscle protein synthesis compared with protein in smaller doses over time.

There was also a study done by the US Army researchers who evaluated muscle protein synthesis and whole body protein metabolism in eight adults who cycled for 60 minutes. Right after their workout, the subjects consumed a drink containing 10 grams of essential amino acids; the first drink they had contained 1.87 grams leucine and the second contained 3.5 grams leucine. They observed 33 percent more protein synthesis in the subjects who consumed more leucine.

Listen in as nutritionist Eric Gumpricht, Ph.D., goes over some of the most frequently asked questions about whey protein.  He’ll explain why it’s used in Isagenix products, why it helps the body build more muscle, and why it helps burn more fat.  Click on gain muscle to hear him.

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Both studies suggest that athletes should take advantage of consuming single large doses of high-quality whey protein after training. This is easily achieved by consuming 1½ scoops of IsaLean Shake mixed with 1 scoop of IsaPro (containing about 4 grams of leucine). The result could mean more quality gains after each workout, stronger muscles and a greater competitive edge.



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