Chicken soup for the soul author supports Isagenix

When I see a popular individual back a program and see their results, I take notice.   The author John Gray who composed Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus supported Isagenix in this youtube video. He informs how slimming down will assist relationships, really enhance it when we begin to slim down and are happier with ourselves.  Jack Canfield and John Gray talked in this video about how they found Isagenix and how they lost weight.  I went to this convention as I had met John Gray before at a conference but had never met Jack Canfield.  The convention was life changing for me.


Chicken Soup for the Soul Author Jack Canfield wrote this amazing book

chicken soup for the soul

If you are in business for yourself and have not read the Success Principles you really should.  And even if you are not in business I found his advice was spot on.  Just on the front where it says “How to get from Where you are to Where you Want to be” says it all.




John Gray has written over 69 books on relationships.  He talks in his books about how through the 3 C’s it enhances oxytocin levels in ladies and consequently enhances relationships with either their partner or dating relationships. When her oxytocin enhances that her self being boosts and capability to burn fat boosts. Enhancing the seratonin will really make them unwind more, have more energy and feel less overwhelmed when they understand how much weight they have to lose.

Who doesn’t want to feel great. I will gladly take the advice from Chicken Soup for the Soul Author Jack Canfield and John Gray as they are experts in their field.

Where I started my journey with the 30 day program.



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