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It has been predicted by Paul Zane Pilzer a well known economist that the Health Industry is going to be the next Trillion dollar business. As we are now dealing with an aging community, more and more people are starting to realize that they need to take better care of themselves. Working from home is less stressful, you can set your own hours and be compensated much better for your hard work. Isagenix is a home business in the Health Industry that has seen incredible growth in 10 years. They supply health products to individuals, doctors, chiropractors, seniors and they can only be sold through Independent consultants who operate from their home.

Having a Home Business in Ontario has a lot of  tax advantages as well. You can write off part of your home, car lease payments, gas, insurance, meals, dry cleaning. If you have a computer you can right it off as a business expense as you will be using it 100% for your business.  With the price of gas these days in Ontario, it is a good idea to look for alternative ways or additional ways to make money

Have you looked at what it would cost to BUY A FRANCHISE in Ontario? I enquired about a Tim Horton’s franchise and was shocked with the price tag. But that is only the beginning. You have to hire staff, train them, hire a manager, deal with some students who do not like to work. Whereas this business you can start with as little as $150.00 or for the serious business builders $1,000. What kind of business builder are you? If you are a student, trying to pay off a student loan, a stay at home Mom or Dad, or retired. This business works around YOUR SCHEDULE.

Here is a video of just some of the people whose lives changed with their Isagenix Business

Here is a photo of some of the business builder paks you can get started with:

The Presidents Pak that starts at ONLY $559.00. You get a blender, and a variety of products you can share with your family. We will teach you how to run your business, how to find new clients, and teach you about the products.

cheapest Isagenix prices

presidents paksmall

The Business Builder Pak is the one that you would buy if you are serious about making money by sharing these products with friends and family. The great part of this business is that it is FOOD. You do not have to stock inventory, you do not have to hire anyone, you work from your home and you get FREE TRAINING.

Business pak small

BUSINESS IN A BOX and starting at

Where else can you start a business for such a low investment. Your working from home, you can work as a family, husband wife or partner. Isagenix has produced 86 millionaires as of the date of this post (April 11, 2013).
This is one incredible family that decided to join Isagenix and build a business and Millionaires.
home business owner


To learn more about how you can start a Home business in the Health and Wellness Industry, please call this number to set up an appointment:

Phone number to order Isagenix

Research the Health and Wellness Industry as a Home Business. Our world is becoming sicker, long waits in hospitals, waiting lists for surgeries and more and more people who are dying too early in life due to their lifestyle. Have a look at this video and see if this business would work for you, but first of all you need to look around. Today when you go to work or come home, start looking around at just how many OVERWEIGHT people there are. Adults and children too. People pay thousands and thousands of dollars for equipment to use in their home, only to sell it in a garage sale or online months later. This product has to be consumed, it is not like a stair master, treadmill purchase. Isagenix is just one of the amazing companies that you could be a part of who offers free training, coaching and mentoring. See the business that actually grew in the recession. Many people cut back, but there was a massive increase in this type of business.

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I have coached 1,000's of men and women on their health and weight loss journey.Not all diets are healthy, or have lasting results.For clients that want to lose 10 lbs up to 400 lbs, we have the tools and the products that will help you.Morbidly obese clients are now being referred to our company instead of having surgery

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