What is Isagenix?

Isagenix is an amazing healthy weight loss program that was developed in 2002.  People ask why it is not sold in stores.  The reason behind it is that people who use the products are the best people to recommend it.  They have used it to lose weight, gain energy, build lean muscle, mental clarity and even help Seniors with energy.  If it was sold in stores, you would need someone very qualified to take the time to explain all the products and their benefits.  A lot of people are weary because it is sold through a Network Marketing set up.  But Network Marketing is basically word of mouth marketing and who better to help you than a person who uses the products.   Think of all the times you have purchased a product from a health food store.  They have thousands of products in the store and it is not always possible to know what each product does and how it would best work for you.  Health food stores are great, but Isagenix wanted people who were using the products to be the ones that sold it as we are product users.

The benefits of buying from a qualified Isagenix consultant are:

  • we are product users and can tell you what has worked for us
  • we coach you to make sure you are using the products correctly and getting the best results
  • we will put you in our Private Facebook group where you can talk to over 17,000 product users who have lost up to 300 lbs!
  • you get a 30 day money back guarantee ~ if you do not like the products we will arrange for you to get a refund
  • lowest prices and fresh product ~ if you see products sold on Ebay or Kijij you do not get a guarantee or coaching or you could be sold old product that people did not want
  • we are consultants for Isagenix in Canada and the USA as well as International consultants for Isagenix AustraliaIsagenix New Zealand, Isagenix Singapore, Isagenix China, Isagenix Mexico.  We will make sure you are connected with someone who speaks your language

There are different products depending on your goals.  If you only want to lose 10 pounds, the 9 day might be a good choice for you.  But there are different shakes for athletes which have more protein.  Please call me to order the right one.  If you want to lose more than 20 lbs the 30 day  plan is best.  There are also a lot of choices for the shakes and the other products.  I want to make sure you get the best results, with the right products, and show you how to maintain your weight once you have lost it

mediadivaMy name is Patsy Copus and I get asked every day why should you buy your products Isagenix products from me.  I have had thousands of customers all over North America and as far away as Australia who have complimented me for the superior support I have given them.

  • I have been using the products for over 4 years and have attended events to educate myself on all the products
  • I will give you the best price and let you know when there are special deals like free shipping or free products included with your order
  • You can call or email me for advice.  You are making a BIG investment in your health and I will show you how to do it properly
  • I will fully explain all of the products when they arrive, how to use them and make recommendations for your meals
  • I will put you in private closed groups on Facebook where you can see before and afters, talk to other people using the products and get great advice
  • Sometimes family does not support you ~ I share all my tips on how to keep on track


Please call the toll free number above BEFORE you PURCHASE Isagenix as I can SAVE YOU MONEY.  The website can be very confusing.  I want to make sure you get Wholesale prices, the right products for you and also explain how the products work


what is Isagenix