About the 30 day diet weight loss program

My name is Patsy and I am an Isagenix Health and Wellness Consultant

I started using the Isagenix program as I was sick and tired of fad diets, counting points and weighing everything I ate.  Someone introduced me to the products at a BNI meeting.  Within 2 weeks I felt my energy coming back and a lot of the issues I had were now going away.  I realized that I had been eating the wrong foods for a long time.  They were contributing to my inflammation, sapping my energy and I felt very old.  OK, I am old, but I think life is about quality of life not quantity.  Who wants to be 90 years old with hip transplants, knee transplants, high blood pressure, high cholestrol and all the rest of it.  NOT ME.  Starting the program and then becoming a coach was the best thing I ever did.

My mission is to:

  • Show people how to lose weight in 30 days or how to lose weight in 9 days using Isagenix products.
  • How to break plateaus
  • Show you low cal recipes with low or little sodium
  • Help you sleep better, feel younger, and get your energy back
  • coach you to reach your weight loss goals.

I can be contacted by phone  at 1  888   622  5247 or email.  If your tired of yo yo diets or fad diets I can help you.

I have helped clients all across North America and even as far away as Australia and New Zealand.  What are your health challenges?  What are your health goals?  The call is free, and I love helping people.